The H. N. White Company was known for its Bells. H. N. White himself pioneered the process of making each bell out of two different pieces and then attaching them to be one. The process cut production times, but also provided a very strong bell. Drawing bells is the process of taking brass circles and spinning or drawing them into the desired shape, only the most skilled were able to master this difficult operation.

Quality, again was the name of the game. Each bell was held to exacting standards of 1/1000 of an inch!





1924 King Catalog

Bell Construction

1924 King Catalog

Bell Cutting


1929 King Catalog

Drawing Bells

Note: This picture may have been from around 1920


1934 King Catalog

Bell Mandrel


1940 King Special Edition

Drawing Bells


1940's News Paper Article

Drawing Bells


1958 King Catalog

Drawing Bells

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