The Brass Assembly Department was the oldest department at The H. N. White Company. From 1893-1908 H. N. White himself worked each day making slides for his World Famous Trombones. In 1920 John Kuhn started working as an Assembler and worked his way up to head of the department, and worked at the company until 1965 when he passed away. Mr. Kuhn worked with al big name artists to make sure that they were satisfied. All instruments produced at the company were of the highest quality due to the dedication of its craftsmen!



1924 King Catalog

1924 King Catalog

Valve Production


1924 King Catalog

Slide Production


1929 King Catalog


1945 Special Edition Catalog

Factory Floor


1958 King Catalog

Slide Production


1963 King Catalog

Trombone Production


1963 King Ad

"After 45 years, Jake Falkenstein..."

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