The first H. N. White French Horn entered production in 1923 or 1924, first showing up in the King 1924 catalog as the 1154 Model with both a Single and Double available. As the popularity of French Horns grew H. N White developed and refined his production techniques to equal that of European manufacturers. After about five years of refinements, the King French horn of the late 1920's was the first French Horn produced in the United States to be recognized as equal to those made in Europe. Early King Double French Horns had a rotary which made for quick changes for the key of F and Bb to Eb, and the rotors were milled on an exclusive machine that permitted no greater variation than 1/1000 of an inch! Key posts and plates were milled from a single piece of nickel silver, while the key itself is a single piece of the same metal. There were no soldered or weld joints to work loose or break apart. The bell was absolutely even in thickness throughout. Vibration or resonance was even, and there is a marked improvement in tonal quality. H. N. White French Horn came in five finish options, with the most popular including a silver finish and nickel silver trimmings. There were three basic King models: 1156 Single F with Eb slide, 1158 Single Bb, and 1159 Bb and F Double with Eb slide. Also, there were a few Unusual Models such as the 1155 which offered five valves and the 1157 which was a piston change Double Horn. In 1963, the 1160 Model was launch, with solid nickel-silver body and newly designed mouth pipe. All H. N. White French Horns were .468 bore and had a 12" diameter bell.

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