The H. N. White office had two main figures which led the company. From 1893 to 1940 H. N. White ran the company. Then from 1941 to 1965 Mrs. Edna White was president. In the short years from 1940 to 1941 Hugh E. White, brother to Henderson ran The H. N. White Company. To learn more go to the H. N. White story.

Starting in 1904 Mr. F. A. Reynolds came to work for Mr. White. Mr. Reynolds was quick to develop the tools of the trade and boost instrument production. Foster Reynolds was a no nonsense individual who felt that quality was the most important product that The H. N. White Company could make.

Starting in 1922 H. N. White's only son Richard White started working full time, he had worked part time for the company for many years. Richard was instrumental in that acquisition of the Deagan "Master Tuner" which was used in the Research Department. In later years Richard went on to open a distributorship in Texas.

Starting in 1941 on a part time biases Cathryn "Kay" White, (adopted daughter of H. N. White) worked in the advertising department. Many catalogs in the late 1930's had cover pages that were drawn by Kay and she was responsible for the companies first major logo update to the King crown. Kay did not start working full time at the company until 1952, by then Cathryn had divorced Bill Ludwig Jr. (changed her last name back to White) and devoted herself to a full time work load and life as a single parent. Kay continued to work at the company until 1965.



1909 H. N. White Office Picture

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