King Miniature Trumpets where produced in late 20's early 1930's and are the rarest of the rare. The Mini trumpets never entered formal production and were not available to the public. Only 100 were produced in the King Liberty Trumpet style according to Kay White. A totally new set of mouthpieces were designed and milled out. Plus, a wide verity of finishes and engraving were used to give each one its own unique look and feel. Each had it's own custom built case with the H. N. White logo on the outside. All the trumpets are playable, (though it is not recommended) some play in Bb while others play in A. The Mini King Liberty Trumpets were developed for promotional uses such as: gifts for good dealers, employee's with a certain number of years of service, and for big name artist.

The collection has the largest number of miniature trumpets in the world! The first miniature trumpet was Mr. Henderson N. White's and has some of the best engraving ever seen on a H. N. White instrument. The second miniature was purchased on ebay a few years back. The third miniature trumpet was just replated (4/06) and has a documented history of ownership. The fourth mini (added on 9/06) is still in the shop with extinsive dry rot. Mini number five (added 8/07) comes from the deep south and is pictured with the Savannah Police Department 1930's.

Below: The most mini trumpets ever assembled for one photo. Another exclusive!




1. King Mini Liberty Gold

This Mini Liberty was H. N. White's and had been passed down thru the family. Engraved top to bottom and is the most elaborate Mini in a private ( collection.


2. King Mini Liberty

This Mini Liberty has been replated and is in a private ( collection.


3. King Mini Liberty

This Mini Liberty was replated. The mini belonged to Mr. James Julius who was a public school band director from Youngstown Ohio. Before: Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3


4. King Mini Liberty

In the shop...


5. King Mini Liberty

In repair shop for cleaning and dent removal!


King Mini Liberty Silver with Gold Leaf (1930's)

Donated to the Smithsonian by Kay White. This Mini Liberty is engraved top to bottom and has gold leaf.


King Mini Liberty Silver (1930's)

This Mini Liberty was once owned by Edna White and was given to a private collector.


King Mini Liberty With Mute Silver (1930's)

This Mini Liberty is owned by a private collector.


King Mini Liberty

Owned by John Branzer, formerly owned by Henry Wohlgemuth of the Cincinnati Symphony.


King Mini Liberty Silver (1930's)

This Mini Liberty is owned by private collector Tom Meacham


King Mini Liberty "Paramount" Silver (1930's)

This Mini Liberty is owned by private collector Tom Meacham


King Mini Liberty Brass (1930's)

More pictures of this Mini can be viewed at: Doctor Valve


Kenneth G. Fiske Museum of the Claremont Colleges - B69

This Mini was once owned by Clyde McCoy
who is known to have played "Sugar Blues" on it.


King Mini Liberty (Replated silver & gold)

This Mini Liberty is owned by private collector Eric Totman


First picture is my Mini (gold) with Edna's Liberty.

The Next two pictures are of my Mini (gold) with a private collectors Mini Liberty Trumpet.





Additional Pictures:

Two Miniature Trumpets with "Liberty" Trumpet.

This picture is provided by Mr. Tom Meacham

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