This page is dedicated to all of the fine men and women who worked for or helped The H. N. White Company grow into the success that it was. Everyone at the company was accountable for the extremely high quality that was built into every H. N. White instrument and deserves credit for their efforts. Even today, H. N. White instruments are in demand by those who recognize quality. In the following biographies I have attempted to provide the individual's years of employment, in addition to any known catalog pictures in which he or she appeared. Unfortunately, The Seeburg Company destroyed all of the H. N. White employee records. As such, this page is incomplete but with the help of others this page will continue to grow. Please contact me if you can help.

Another Exclusive! When ever possible the actual signature of the craftsmen has been added to the biography sheet!




The following biographies are in alphabetical order.


Mr. James Anastasi

Instrument Tester

Mr. George Bittermann

Trombone Builder

Mr. Albert Brancae


Mr. Peter Bukur

Master Craftsmen

Mr. Floyd J. St. Clair




Mr. Davey Davidson

Sales Representative

Mr. H. E. Dreves

General Superintendent

Mr. Earl Farrington

Production Engineer

Mr. Clem Frak

Sales Manager

Mr. T. J. (Joe) Gillespie

Regional Sales Representative



Mr. John Hayduck

Instrument Tester

Mr. Jack Hone

Marketing Manager

Miss. Elsie King

Early Advertising Girl

Mr. Walter Kriesch

Trumpet Assembly

Mr. John Kuhn

Assembly Room Supervisor



Mr. Fred Larson

Secretary and Treasurer

Mr. Bob Liessman

Executive Vice President

Mr. Ernie Long Assistant Superintendent - Case and Wood Departments

Mr. Fred Myers

Design Engineer

"Mr. Super 20"


Mr. Frank Panovec

French Horn Assembler


Mr. Nick Ravine

Advertising Department

Mr. F. A. Reynolds

Master Instrument Builder

Lil Sanuik

Saxophone Assembly

Mr. Henry Schultz


Mr. Andy Smeltzer

Woodwind Craftsmen

More to come...

Mr. Frank Stopar

Master Bell Spinner

Mr. C. H. Strupe

Chief Engineer & Plant Manager


Mr. Eddie Vidmar


Mr. Joseph Yanick

Reed Tester






More To Come...

Herb Adler - Marketing
Joseph Lennerth - Unknown
James Anastasia - Instrument Tester
Robert Liessman - 1940's VP
R. L. Long - Unknown
Tom Love - Unknown
John Lucas - Unknown
Pauline Lunder - Scheduling
Edward Barnes - Unknown
Nick Makransky - Woodwind Assembly
Dan Bataka - Lacquering
Duke Marsec - Trombone Assembly
George Bittermann - Trombone Assembly
T. A. Matson - Unknown
Rudy Brancel - Unknown
Clarence Maxell - Unknown
Albert Brancae - Treasurer
Howard McCormick - Store Manager
George Bukur - Unknown
Walter McCormick - Assembly
John Bukur - Burnishing Department Supervisor
Adam Miller - Reed Department
Peter Bukur - Master Craftsmen
Edward Miller - Union Boss
Bob Burrows - Case Department
Shirley Miller - Unknown
Richard Mlaker - Bell Spinner
Robert Morgan - Master Engraver
Willy Morales - Unknown
Robert Morgan - Master Engraver
John Morgathaler - Unknown
Bill Moskin - Inspecting
George M. Mueller - Unknown
Roy Carpenter - Unknown
Bernadine Neiberding -Secretary
Tom Cetznik - Unknown
Steve Nesuman - Unknown
Bill Cesa - Forman
Ray Newman - Unknown
Ed Chetnik - Reed Department
Matt Nousak - Bell Spinner
Tony Cimperman - Unknown
Lou Comer - Forman
Ray Cottos - Assembly
Kelley Orville - Unknown
Fred Dietz - Unknown
Frank Panovec - French Horn Assembler
Ray Diniro - Traffic
Ron Pate - Buffing
Fred Dixon - Store Manager
Norma Pauling - Shipping
Buck Dolan - Sales Rep
Joe Pavlosky - Valves
Nate Dolin
Leo Pease - Forman
Joe Dukarm - Unknown
Steve Petras - Reed Assembly
Aloys Dular - String Bass Assembler
H. G. Phillips - Unknown
Charlie Plausch - Unknown
Ralph Plavcan - Buffing
Mike Prell - Unknown
Lou Prigatel - Unknown
Alexander Eichberg - Bell Finisher
Jake Falkenstein - Trombone Slide Craftsmen
Joe Raycher - Forman
Gus Fessenmeyer - Superintendent of Plating & Finishing
S. A. Raymond - Unknown
Frank Figlar - Stockroom
T. R. Reasoner - Unknown
Alphonse "Al" Fronczak - Pistons
Hubert Reith - String Department
Joseph E. Riccardi - Service Department
Chuck Rice - Unknown
Rudy Richter - Unknown
Albert Ristau - Bending
William Ristau - Valves
Jess Y. Russ - Instrument Tester
Ellen C. Galbraith - Secretary
Chuck Salapnik - Unknown
Charles Giganti - Engraver
George Sambula - Unknown
T. J. (Joe) Gillespie - Sales Rep
Lil Sanuik - Saxophone Assembly
Jack Gloger - Assistant Sales Manager
Robert Sargeson - Sales Manager
Charles H. Gorby - Field Representative
Elisabeth Schick - Unknown
Robert Green - Buffing
John Schick - Engraving
Richard Schick - Cases
Otto Schinke - Unknown
Phill Schmidt - Unknown
Henry Schultz - Buffer
George Seibert - Sales Rep
Frank Seme - Unknown
Emil Silic - Pistons
Sophie Silc - Instrument Polisher
Frank Silkon - Buffing
Tony Skala - Unknown
Grorge Slavik - Forman
Pete Sloe - Instrument Tester
Edward Smith - Unknown
Bernard Soeder - Unknown

Fred Sopnicar - Unknown

Richard Sopnicar - Buffer
Duane Sparks - Case Department
Joseph Stanonise - Unknown
Frank Stopar - Bell Spinner
Mike Hasto - Unknown
Frank Tener - Quality Control
Carl Hayduk - Unknown
Casper Titsch - Assembly
Johnny Hayduk - Instrument Tester
Mabel Tonn - Bookeeping Department
Richard Hayduk - Engraver
Catherin Torda - Case Department
Bill Haynes - Sales Rep
Rose Turoso - Payroll
Johnny Hayseed - Instrument Tester
John Tusick - Case Department
Ed Heintel - Instrument Tester
Kenneth Tyler - Production VP
Jack Hudia - Valves
Marjorie A. Traux - Secretary
Ted Hudia - Valves
Walter Hurless - Assembly
John Ineman - Burnisher
Otto Jeglie - Unknown
John Vargo - Unknown
David Johnson - Auditor
Rena Vass - Case Department
Frank Verbie - Unknown
Ed Vidmar - Buffer
Russ Kaplan - Purchasing Agent
R. V. Warren - Office
Walter Kaunas - Bending
Jacob Weber - Unknown
Marge Kirchner - Secretary
Frank Whites - Forman
Mary Klass - Receptionist
Nick Kordic - Buffing
Chester Kramasz - Assembly
Austin Kramer - Master Engraver
George Kuhn - Unknown
John Kuhn - Master Assembler
Joseph Yanick - Reed Inspector
Jim Kunc - Assembly
John Young - Sales Manager
Tony Zeszut - Buffing
Gus "Rinny" Zinn - Press Parts
Pete Zwik - Unknown
    Many more to come...


I would like to add a special thanks to all of the family members that have contacted me!

Special thanks to the Bukur-Bruce family, thanks for all of your time and effort!

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