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This website is the first and only website devoted to identifying all of the "Craftsmen" who worked for the H. N. White Company. Currently there are 64 identified craftsmen, 59 with pictures, and another twenty with pictures but no names. To meet some of The H. N. White Craftsmen go to: Important People of The H. N. White Company.

Over the 72 years that the White family owned The H. N. White Company, there were a number of newspaper articles that were written. For the first time www.hnwhite.com has listed some of those articles which are used for reasearch. Exact dates and Sources of articles are “Restricted” due to the relative cost in hiring research personal. The articles have provided a wealth of information and helped develop the history of The H. N. White Company.

We strive to only use "approved" material for this website. You will not find "borrowed" or "stolen" images on this website. The internet has become a place full of stolen and borrowed images with little or no regard from who and where and under what circumstances the original image or images where used. We pledge to do our best to provide documentation for all images and information sources.

Also, for the first time www.hnwhite.com has release post WWII price lists. After WWII prices were removed for the catalogs because of the length of time in which a catalog was used went from one year to three to four years.

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The H. N. White Promotional Ad Archives

Important People of The H. N. White Company



Behind the Scenes Where “Kings” Are Made
1920's Restricted (1)
HN White Insurance Article
1930's Restricted (2)
H. N. White Dies
1940 April-May 11 Different Articles Restricted (3)
Red Cross Work
1943 Restricted (4)
"Golden Age of Music" By Edna White
1944 Restricted (5)
Music Is Universal Language... By Edna White
1945 Restricted (6)
Concern Here Turns From Radar to Musical Arts
1945 Cleveland Plain Dealer (7)
Hot Jazz Notes, Martial Strains, Sour Notes...
1946 Cleveland Plain Dealer (8)
H. N. White Company Employees Receive first Bonus Check
1946 Cleveland Plain Dealer (9)
Skilled Hands Spin Big "Brasses" For Bands
194? Restricted (10)
Production Costs Worry Band Instrument Maker
1949 Cleveland Plain Dealer (11)
Band Instrument Maker Keeps Work Force...
1952 Cleveland Plain Dealer (12)
Band Instrument Demand at Peak but Brass and Labor are Short
1953 Cleveland Plain Dealer (13)
Taxes Sound Discordant Notes In Band Instrument Industry
1954 Cleveland Plain Dealer (14)
Their Horns lead the Toot Parade 1959 Restricted (19)
The King is Making News! 195? Restricted (20)
Band Instrument Makers Lead Cheers for Music 1961 Cleveland Plain Dealer (21)
Instrument Quality Control 1962 Restricted (22)
H. N. White is Sold 1965 April-June 6 Different Articles Restricted (23)
There are 17 more articles from various dates and sources that are restricted and will not be released.


1941 Revised Price List for July 15, 1941 (12 Pages)
1941 American Standard & Gladiator Catalog and Price List
1953 Price List
1956 Price List
1958 Price List
1963 Price List

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