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In 1893 the first location of The H. N. White Company was at 13 woodland Ave in Cleveland and was very small (very close to where the main Post Office is now in Cleveland). As with any growing business Mr. White soon ran out of space and in 1897 moved to 1870 East 9th Street, in the Erie Building. By 1909 Mr. White moved from the little workshop to 5225 superior Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio with 38,000 square feet of new work space.

1909 H. N. White Factory Picture. This picture is of the original 5225 Superior Avenue building in Cleveland. There was 38,000 square feet work space.

1919 H. N. White Factory Picture. Notice two large additions to the right of the main building.

1924 H. N. White Factory Picture. Third expansion is build off the end of the main building. Note: only two parts are three stories.


1927 H. N. White Factory

One three story building was added.


1950's H. N. White Factory Picture. During WW II the company added one large wing (back middle) at a cost of $250,000. Most of the factory now had a third floor. Production capacity doubled

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Tour the King Eastlake Factory in 1973

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